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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lisa Larges' Statement of Conscience

More Light Presbyterians has a roundup on the stories about Lisa Larges' approval for ordination. They also include a link to her statement of conscience. This is an excellent statement.

I am compelled by my conscience and charged by my faith to firmly, clearly, and in every way declare that the provisions at G-6.0106b are a mar upon the church and a stumbling block to its mission. As a matter of faith, conscience and integrity I can neither actively concur nor passively submit to this provision, and as a candidate for Minister of Word and Sacrament I submit to the Presbytery of San Francisco through its Committee on Preparation for Ministry this statement of departure.
I wasn't impressed with the Task Force decision. See Not Justice, Not Progress: Just the Same Second-Class Status. G-6.0106b and the authoritative interpretation of 1993 need to be removed.

Until this blasphemy is removed from our constitution, faithful candidates will declare their departure from it and faithful presbyteries will accept this departure.

One way or another, we will move ahead. And we will not stop moving until the church affirms the dignity of its lgbt sisters and brothers. This upcoming General Assembly would be an excellent opportunity for the PCUSA to do the right thing. Approve this overture from Hudson River Presbytery.

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