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Friday, January 18, 2008

Lisa Larges in LA Times

My friend, Sonnie, e-mailed me that Lisa Larges has a nice article about her in the LA Times.

Lesbian's bid for ordination advances: A San Francisco-area Presbyterian governing body votes to support the application for ministry.
By Rebecca Trounson, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

For nearly 23 years, Lisa Larges has sought to become a Presbyterian minister, but she has twice been formally rejected because of a long-standing ban on gay ordination by the Presbyterian Church USA.

But in what appears to be the first national test of a 2006 policy change by the church, Larges, of San Francisco, has moved a step closer to joining the clergy.

After a debate that lasted deep into the night Tuesday, the San Francisco Presbytery, a regional governing body of the national church, voted 167 to 151 to support Larges' application for ministry, despite opponents' warnings that the action violated the church's constitution and would immediately be appealed.

"I'm in shock," Larges, 44, said Wednesday. "I still feel stunned, honestly, and deeply grateful both to the folks who supported me and to the presbytery for stepping up." (Read More)

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  1. God must ahve loved gay people a lot, that's why she made so many of them.