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Friday, January 11, 2008

Welcome to All Shuck and Jive Searchers!

These past couple of days I have had about two and half times my usual number of hits just because my blog is entitled Shuck and Jive. Thanks to Andrew Cuomo. You can read all about that here.

The Republicans have got to be loving it.

One reader of Daily Kos did some fun research on the phrase and came up with this:

As we all know, while talking about the retail nature of Iowa and New Hampshire, Andrew Cuomo said that you can't just shuck and jive at press conferences. Since the phrase has its roots in the black community, some people say that he was engaging in race-baiting. Other people say that the phrase has gone mainstream. The first group responds that they've never heard it used before.

Has it gone mainstream? I did a very quick web search to find examples of the phrase being used. Here are some results:

An article in the Utne Reader, "Shuck and Jive", on the false promise of corn-based ethanol.

In a forum post, it's used to describe Scott McClellan's behavior at press conferences.

"Mr. Shuck and Jive" is the name of a song by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings.

Mother Jones magazine runs an article called "Upjohn's Shuck and Jive".

A Presbyterian minister named John Shuck in Tennessee has a blog called Shuck and Jive.

Oyster bars like to host shuck and jive nights.

Here's an online game called Shuck and Jive.

Former senator George Allen is described as responding with shuck and jive on a progressive Virginia blog.

Jimmy Buffett uses the phrase in his song "Landfall".

Brian Setzer's music is described as more "shuck and jive" than "flat-out jive".

The town of Urbanna hosts a Shuck and Jive.

Steve Forbes is accused of trying to shuck and jive about a flat tax.

According to the Village Voice, before there was "shock and awe", there was "shuck and jive."

A band named Superdrag also has a song named "Shuck and Jive".

An album called "Blues Shuck and Jive"

Some random blog about finance asks if T. Boone Pickens is trying to shuck and jive.

And many many more.

Now that I have all these visitors, I wish I could come up with a snappy welcome.

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