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Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Presbyterian Of New Haven is More Light

Congratulations and thanks to the First Presbyterian Church of New Haven, CT for becoming a More Light Congregation!

Here is
the news about that. Here is how you can earn an "M" for your congregation! For a list of welcoming churches in the PCUSA, check out the directory.

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  1. "Following the risen Christ, and seeking to make the Church a true community of hospitality, the mission of More Light Presbyterians is to work for the full participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people of faith in the life, ministry and witness of the Presbyterian Church (USA)."

    It would be nice if we could just make it "...for the full participation of all human beings..." and then we can stop the labeling. Black, White, Hispanic, Gay, Lesbian, etc., etc....

    I would not expect a church session to have to make a statement such as this. Actually, words really mean nothing, but actions do. If I weren't exhausted from a 14 hour drive, I'd write more, but I know y'all get my thoughts and where I'm going with this. (Wow, a week in TN and I'm already using y'all...!!)