Shuck and Jive

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Name Your Baby!

If you want to be cool, you'll name your baby like a Tennessean would. Knoxviews has given us a peek at the top ten baby names in 2007 from the Tennessee Department of Health:

Girls Boys
1 Madison William
2 Emma Jacob
3 Emily Ethan
4 Addison James
5 Abigail Joshua
6 Hannah Christopher
7 Ava Jackson
8 Chloe Michael
9 Isabella Noah
10 Anna John

It is nice to know that I, John, am still in the top ten. Other names come and go with the wind, but life's mighty uncomfortable without a john.


  1. LOL! Yes, life IS mighty uncomfortable without a John!

    Funny story...many years ago when I was teaching in a high school, I was calling roll from the roster the first day of school. I had a female student in 9th grade that had a name that I will NEVER forget. Her name was pronounced (Shi-theed), but was spelled "Shithead". Well, when you read from a roll roster, teachers rarely get normal names right the first time, so you can image what ALMOST came flying out of my mouth! Luckily I caught that one, but you talk about your parents wanting their kid to go through a life of torment. She was actually a great kid, nothing like the "first impression" that came to mind!

    Happy new year to all!