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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A C-Minus?!?

It's rough enough discovering you are being graded, then getting a crappy grade on top of it is the icing, you know? I was honored to be listed among The Top 100 Theology Blogs.  I guess I should be satisfied with that. I never thought my blog was Bible College appropriate anyway as I said here.

But a
C Freaking Minus! Well, bless your heart, Anna Blanch. Here is what she wrote about me:

Shuck and Jive: This is the personal blog of John Shuck, a Presbyterian minister, wherein he writes about "spirituality, culture, religion (both organized and disorganized), life, evolution, literature, Jesus, and lightening up". This is another blog hosted by Christian Century. On social issues, this blog can be described as liberal progressive (pro-gay marriage among other things).

Making the Grade:
Scope - (C-) No clear scope (more a definable methodology for discussion).
- B-
Theological Leanings - Presbyterian
Damn right I'm pro-gay marriage among other things. I guess my reward will be in heaven (unless Anna Blanch is grading).

C minus, indeed.

That's all it takes to get into heaven, you know: C minus.

That's all
Johnny Cash was.

"I guess I might be a C-minus Christian, but I am one."

Yeah, me and Johnny Cash. Both C minus.

But Jesus loves us.


  1. Who cares what Anna Blanch says? You're an A+ in my book, pal!

  2. being graded has nothing to do with Jesus loving you have pointed out. (smile).

    can i point out (with a light heart) two things:
    1. it's a passing grade!
    2. It is for clarity of scope...

    The grade isn't about your stance on theological or social issues - the review was aimed at introducing people to your blog. I was hoping that this would offer a helpful introduction to the blogs on this list (which if you take a look at my first couple of posts in the review series) which (the list, i mean) I have some qualms about.

  3. I am tongue in cheek with you, Anna. I think it is fun.

    I have to say, though, a little salt in the wound that the fundamentalist neocon Fischler got a better grade than me.

    You don't know what you started! : )

  4. BTW Anna,

    I really think it is neat that you did this. Thanks for the shout.

    I really don't mind being at the foot of the class. Really. Sure. :)

  5. A Presbyterian minister blogs about spirituality, culture, religion (both organized and disorganized), life, evolution, literature, Jesus, and lightening up.

    I dunno, Anna. That scope seems pretty clear to me! Not as clear as "42", perhaps, but then, we all have some growing to do, don't we?

  6. Love the reference to Johnny Cash!
    You get an A for creativity, and another A for wit.

  7. Blogs with a clear scope are so dull (says another blogger with a passing grade). :)

  8. I do have to admire the diligence of this effort--to take the time to evaluate and grade these 100 blogs arbitrarily placed on this list.

  9. Anna did say that mine clarity was clear...albeit as mud ;-)

    I think clarity and theology is an oxymoron though :-)

  10. And she gave me a pretty generous grade too. So she's right, it has nothing to do with gay marriage :-)


  11. Rub it in, Drew old buddy.

    She must not have thought my post on the Bush twins was spiritual enough.