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Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh, Lust Be Rebuked!

Can you imagine praying like this in church? It has been done:
Oh, lust be rebuked! Homosexuality be rebuked. Lesbianism be rebuked in the name of Jesus. Masturbation be rebuked in the name of Jesus. Not even dry humping, lord God! Not even any masturbation of any kind, lord God! Not even fondling in the name of Jesus! Not even excessive hugging, lord God! Not even molestation in the name of Jesus. I cast all of these to hell in the name of Jesus.
You can hear it here.

Hat tip to Unreasonable Faith
for finding that one.


  1. On this topic, try the PUBC prayer pamphlet distributed at the Biloxi GA:

  2. I don't know whether I'm disappointed, surprised, entertained, amused or saddened.

    Meanwhile, how does one define "excessive"?

  3. I'm sorry, but I'm not praying to God about my "outer organ."

    Some things I won't even discuss with God.

  4. Thanks Riled. Whoa. That prayer is uh, well, Lee said it.

  5. I think this guy has serious issues. I wouldn't let my children play at his house.

  6. Holy shit, John! When you told me about this I thought it was some parody. God help this man and all people who think the way he does.