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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Letter to Editor Regarding Adoption Bill

I also sent a letter to the local papers regarding the adoption ban.

Dear Editor,

I hope that residents of Tennessee will contact their legislators and voice opposition to SB0078 and its companion bill HB0605. These bills introduced by Sen. Paul Stanley and Rep. John DeBerry, respectively, will prevent adoption of children by qualified couples. This legislation will hurt residents of the Tri-Cities. I work with families on a daily basis. A couple in my church is raising a child. With this type of legislation they would not be able to adopt this child and achieve the needed legal and social support.

This bill is ideologically based and does not take into account the lives of real human beings. These are hard-working people who pay taxes and who vote. They provide stable, loving homes for children who would otherwise have no where else to go. Perhaps the honorable Mssrs. Stanley and DeBerry would like to raise these children, pay for their education, food, clothing, shelter, and medical expenses? Or should we send them to the orphanage, forget about them, and let the taxpayers foot the bill?

Discrimination is ugly and expensive.


Rev. John Shuck, Secretary
PFLAG Tri-Cities
Johnson City, Tennessee

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