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Sunday, February 08, 2009

East Tennessee Approves B

A big switcheroo over the weekend at my neighboring presbytery, East Tennessee. They approved the new B by a vote of 81-66. This was a major switch from a no voice vote last time and a 2-1 against vote in previous years. From solid yellow to blue!

Bruce Hahne has a chart with stats galore.

Check the story at More Light Presbyterians.

We had our little church chat at Holston Presbytery. Not a huge turnout, 30 or so I guess, but it was a good opportunity to begin to discuss the issues at stake.


  1. Excellent news, John! The tide is turning...


  2. any stories from that meeting that you want to share for 1,000 conversations?

  3. Hey PW,

    To tell the truth, it wasn't that thrilling. Mostly just the very for and the very against attended. It wasn't set up for a small group conversation. We sat in rows and faced forward where the commissioners to GA were at a table.

    We batted things back and forth is about all.