Shuck and Jive

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Presbyteries to Vote Today

More presbyteries will be voting on the new and improved G-6.0106b today. My presbytery, Holston, votes on March 7th. We're going for the miracle. It is the hundred yard Hail Mary pass. Moderates and progressives after awhile get so used to getting beat that they don't even organize.

It is different this year.

So call me, Holston folks. Let's have a little pre-meeting party. I'll provide cookies.


  1. utah votes in may. hopefully this having a church in the covenant network and paul as vice moderator will help sway the vote. hahahahahaha a girl can hope at least, eh?

  2. One thing my pastor said made a huge difference in Greater Atlanta was having a secret ballot for 08-B. That way, it was easier for individuals to vote their conscience without having their conservative pastors and elders glaring at them. It was pretty wild. At least the counting kept everyone there while the other items were being voted on and a pastor's ordination was restored after a lengthy disciplinary process. As soon as the tally was announced (and while I was posting here), the conservatives all headed out at once. The Calvin Center folks brought each church a bag of cookies to take on the ride home. Amongst the unclaimed bags were a lot of rural and suburban conservative churches and several Korean ones (yes, we heard the old if-you-ordain-gays-you're-racist-because-Koreans-are-all-conservatives-and-straight. Tell it to my Korean boyfriend who's a member of the NDP in Canada).