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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Western NC Turns Blue

The presbytery of Western North Carolina is the first yellow presbytery to turn blue. They voted in favor of the new G-6.0106b. Check Presbyweb for the tally and for what I mean by yellow and blue. The score is now 22-11 against the new B. However, this is a good sign. Check John Harris' blog for the story.


  1. whoo hoo or western nc. we had a lively discussion about GLB issues (this is not about T, fwiw) tonight, and another one next week. of course everyone there leaned towards the side of "we love the queers." but there are dissenting voices in the congregation. i really admire pastor p, and you, and other pastors who take up the call for what is right and just.

  2. Brooke--glad to see the discussion happening!

    JEH--glad to have found your blog. Linked to it on my bloglist. Thanks for the insight about WNC.