Shuck and Jive

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Meaning of Life, Part 16

Me, I'm just a talking animal, and so are you. What makes me happy is just love, and occasional joy in creative work. My biggest long-term need is for the religious faith to love life and say Yes to life with all my heart. I need to be able to look without fear at the basic limits of life, and to accept the whole thing as a package deal, so that prospective physical decline and death do not get me down. Thus I've traded in the old visionary 'eternalist' conception of knowledge for a much more modest view of what knowledge is, and for the view that our salvation lies in solar living, solar loving. It's a pretty good bargain. It's not The Truth, because there is no Truth, but it's true enough for me and for you. Don Cupitt, Above Us Only Sky, p. 22


  1. Made me think of this:
    "Inconsistencies... cannot both be right, but imputed to man they may both be true" - Rasselas

  2. Me, I'm just a talking animal, and so are you.

    If my dog told me this, I might believe it. "Talking animal" is an oxymoron.