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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ray Sez Rock the Vote

Ray Bagnuolo has posted This Is the Time.

What time is it, Ray? It is time to rock the vote.

There is a shift underway, which can be seen even in the ties and close votes that have moved toward ratification A shift that emphasizes the real chance we have of embracing the recommendation of the 218th General Assembly to ratify of 08-B.
We just may be able to do this--that is to swat that annoying B in our bonnet and turn the PCUSA inclusive. I wasn't sure when we started, but the movement toward inclusivity is picking up. The difference will be getting out the vote. Getting those progressive retired clergy to the meetings, specialized clergy, and elder commissioners. Talk it up, make the calls, let's do it.


  1. It is going to be very close which in itself is something to behold. Change is inevitable.

    My presbytery in PA, Huntingdon, did not support. But it was a close voter here too. I am in a pretty conservative presbytery as well. I was shocked and surprised the vote was as close as it was.

    And thanks for being a liberal/progressive with balls and courage to make a claim. Liberals need to stop being nice and do what is right. Liberal anemia has been on my mind lately and you (and your church) are not it.


  2. We hope to Rock Shepards & Lapsley tomorrow (Central Alabama). I only have 90 seconds to speak, but my 90 will begin "Madame Moderator, I am the Commissioner from Edgewood Church, and I am gay!"

    Please pray!


  3. Thanks Drew!

    Eldernewbie! Prayers comin' at ya! Bless you and thank you and be safe!

  4. And the next words should be something like "Madam Moderator, since you were once in the position I am in now..."

    Good luck, Elder!

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  6. I'm an Elder Commissioner to North Alabama Presbytery. I'll be voting Yes on 08-B this Saturday. I doubt NAP will swing from No to Yes this time, but it could be close.

    The analysis I've done of the votes that have been given thus far, and the predictive model I've been using say (right now) that 08-B will fail by a vote of 73 - 100, BUT the actual votes of the Commissioners will be split nearly 50% - 50%. In fact, it's possible that more Commissioners will vote Yes than No and that the amendment will still fail due to the disparity in the sizes of the Presbyteries (1 Presby, 1 vote).

    What this means is that we still have a significant uphill climb. So don’t let up!

  7. Here's a bit of irony. Our "Consistory" friend Toby Brown moved his No vote from the Moderate Mission Presbytery to the very Conservative Beaver-Butler Presbytery. His vote is wasted now, and actually helps the Progressive cause in Mission Presbytery. Way to go Toby!!!

  8. Folks we won in Sheppards & Lapsley 77-75. Every vote and every testimony counts. The last time we voted the vote was 59-109 against. We can ROCK THIS VOTE!!

  9. Elder! Wow! Your speech made the difference! Awesome. What a change! Great work!

  10. Way to go Sheppards and Lapsley!

    I didn't see that one comming. Maybe there's hope for North Alabama too.