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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Three Presbyteries Flip for Justice!

Just got the word that three presbyteries that previously voted against inclusion, all voted in favor of the new G-6.0106b today!

Huzzahs for
  1. Maumee Valley, 65-58
  2. Great Rivers, 85-74
  3. Scioto Valley, 115-88
The score is now 23 for and 38 against. Check out the chart.

Nine presbyteries have reversed their vote to a more inclusive position. None (that is zero) have gone the other way.

We have had heart breakers. Cincinnati was a tie a week or so ago, which means no. Others lost by just two or three votes. Every presbytery is a "swing" presbytery. Get out the vote! Every vote makes the difference.

My clerk of session received in the mail propaganda from the Presbyterian Coalition today. They are working it. Those who are in favor of inclusion need to as well.

Make sure you get folks to the presbytery meeting, and if possible, get folks prepared to speak!

Good work, you inclusion mongers!


  1. well, here's to praying that utah shifts as well.

  2. Yeah, Utah! Brooke is in Utah, so you know it is a good place!

  3. There appeared to be a good chance of winning if only the swing presbyteries shifted, those that voted over 40% for inclusion last time. Now we're seeing shifts of over 20%, so things are looking even better.

    People need to get on the phone and contact friends in their presbyteries, and in other presbyteries. Get out the vote. Make sure our allies are actually *at* the meetings. Drive them there yourself if they can't make it. Make sure they're prepared to give a 2 min speech at presbytery. Tell their story ... those stories, not just talking points, are really what seems to be changing minds this time around.

    The other side doesn't have those stories, other than, "We kept queers out. We still keep queers out. We'll continue to keep queers out." Not very inspiring.

    And don't forget retired ministers, CLPs, etc. They also often tend to vote with us. They don't often go to presbytery, but often vote with us.

    With an Obama-like get out the vote campaign we can win this thing with votes to spare, but it takes everyone to do their part, not just think happy thoughts. :)

  4. BTW Folks, Sacramento Presbytery votes this Saturday.

    Last time they were at 38%. An increase of 12% is only ~15 people, based on the number who voted last time. Perhaps less than that if fewer people vote as has been the general trend.

    Let's not lose because of a tie again!

    Call, write, email, send smoke signals or carrier pigeons to friends in that presbytery. Get them out to vote for inclusion!

  5. Thanks Alan, for the good advice and encouragement. It would be sweet for Sacramento to go "blue."

  6. As we say here in the People's Republic of Ann Arbor, "Go Blue!!"


  7. I got this e-mail from the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta:

    "February 21 Presbytery Meeting Advisory


    There is insufficient parking space at Druid Hills Presbyterian Church to accommodate the number of commissioners and visitors we anticipate attending this meeting. Attendees are strongly encouraged to carpool to the meeting. If there are no open parking spaces available when you arrive, you will be directed to park at Druid Hills Baptist Church on the opposite corner of Ponce de Leon Avenue and North Highland Avenue. Should that lot also fill, we have permission to park at Druid Hills United Methodist Church at the intersection of Ponce de Leon Avenue and Briarcliff Road, one block east of Druid Hills Presbyterian Church."

    It's going to be a biggie. We're the largest Presbytery in the denomination and cover a large area. Druid Hills is a good church, just on the edge of the bohemian Virginia-Highlands and Little Five Points neighborhoods, gay Midtown, and (to use a euphemism I can't stand) the very "urban" Reynoldstown. The rednecks' heads will explode.